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How to Boost That Metabolism To Burn More Body Fat

15 Minute Miracle Burns More Fat Than Doing Aerobics

The 15 Minute Miracle is a single exercise session of the Fat Burning Furnace fat loss program.


In Fat Burning Furnace, the exercise required is only 15 minutes a day, 2 or 3 times a week. Maximum exercise time in one week is only 45 minutes. Doesn’t seem like a lot. Some people may think a typical fat burning workout has to be at least 45 minutes. If it really does work, that would be great for someone who is short on time.

If total exercise time is only 30 to 45 minutes a week, how can that possibly work to burn fat and help  someone reach a long term weight loss goal?


The answer is by doing High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. You can also call it interval training. This involves high intensity work followed by low intensity, or a short rest period. It can be done with different types of exercise. In Fbf, it is done with weights, and are shorter workouts than doing long, tedious cardio.


As Rob explains in the Fat Burning Furnace ebook, when you finish a light to moderate cardio workout, the benefit of burning fat is only during the exercise. The metabolism is only affected during the workout, and when you’re finished, the metabolism very quickly comes back down to a pre-workout rate.


Doing High Intensity Interval Training is the best kind of fat burning exercise you can do, because it elevates your metabolism continuously after the workout, up to 2 days. The potential to burn more fat every hour leading up to the next training routine will be greater than during one aerobic session.


Because HIIT elevates metabolism, the energy level will also be higher.


During interval training, the heart and lung capacity are forced to work harder, and will become more efficient. The body’s ability to utilize oxygen and pump more blood and nutrients to working muscles improve exercise performance. The muscles burn mostly glycogen, or glucose during exercise. This is quick energy suited for the intensity of wind sprints or lifting weights. While resting, the body switches to fat for energy.


Afterwards, the body will repair muscles with an elevated fat burning metabolism. There will be higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone to make this happen after an interval workout (as opposed to the body‘s androgenic response to cardio). Because mostly blood sugar was burned during exercise, the body will replenish these reserves, and also use fat as an energy source to do this work. This is what the 15 Minute Miracle of the Fat Burning Furnace is about. The repair and replenishing process after training burns fat continuously, leading up the next workout, even 72 hours later.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is magically elevated. This is the speed of metabolism during inactivity, and the most passive hours of your day. After doing resistance training, your muscles grow. You’ll need to ingest more calories to keep this new fat burning muscle alive. Eat more to burn more fat! The more muscle you grow in this program, the more body fat these muscles will feast on.


This is the Fat Burning Furnace doing it’s best work, all this metabolic activity happening in different ways to gradually lower body fat weight.


On the flipside, is the light or moderate cardio exerciser. Burning fat during the exercise is probably the sole benefit of this type of workout. Well, I’ll also include that aerobics does increase serotonin levels, thus improving sleep. The metabolism is elevated for a short time, but quickly drops afterwards. Heart and lung capacity aren’t challenged, the muscles don’t get stronger, and depending on your genetics, oxygen consumption may or may not improve.


Not to mention the infamous muscle wasting effects of doing aerobics. When someone is trying to diet and does only aerobics to lose weight, the body tends to feed off the muscles as an energy source, because aerobics doesn’t release hormones that protect muscle integrity (or size). If muscle weight shrinks, so does the metabolism. This is what High Intensity Interval Training will prevent from happening to you. With HIIT, hormones will protect muscle integrity and sustain the metabolism at a higher level. This will coax the body’s energy preferences to burn fat rather than muscle after exercise.


This is a 15 Minute Miracle that lives up to it’s name. High quality fat burning exercise that works on a time budget.


Most amazing thing I read in the Fat Burning Furnace ebook, is Rob Poulos explaining ‘the wrong message’ that doing aerobics sends to the body. He points out that aerobics burns more fat and causes the body to keep a certain fat reserve for the next aerobic workout. This motivates the body to store more fat for the next cardio routine. After all that work burning fat during exercise, it boomerangs back onto the bones afterwards.


Interesting how the body restores the energy source after the workout what was burned during exercise...including fat. I know that doing interval training burns carbohydrate energy. Afterwards, the body’s metabolic repair is powered by fat, restoring the glycogen or carbohydrate reserves burned during the workout.


I know the 15 Minute Miracle is not an aerobic waste of time, and it will prevent the drawbacks that have frustrated aerobicisers for decades. If you’ve been through it before, dieting and working your butt off doing aerobics to lose just a few pounds, then the weight comes right back on, it may not be a bad idea to try a new way of fat loss that is backed by overwhelming Fat Burning Furnace testimonials.

15 Minute Miracle Working Inside Your Fat Burning Furnace 24-7

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